I'm happy to be using Satin Smooth strip wax and hard wax.  Leg, arm, and braziian waxes are accompanied by heated towels and body butter.  Facial waxing is followed with an oil-free spf facial moisturizer and an anti-acne treatment concealer.


Please remember that waxing cannot be performed if you are using any retinoids, accutane, glycolics, antibiotics, tanning beds, blood thinners (prescribed), or steriods.  Basically, any time you are using a product -externally or internally- that thins the skin or promotes rapid cell turn over, you are risking skin lifting by waxing.

I wax anything on the body/face that grows hair! (on women - for men, I wax all but the Brazilian area) Please go into my scheduling page to see the most updated pricing for all services!! Thank you.